Weight Loss

The Doctor Weighs In...

Hello/and Greetings from the Team at Eviva,

Spring is upon us and the sun has had a number of chances to shine. I hope you’ve had opportunity to get outside and enjoy.

At Eviva we’re proud to assist our patients in enjoying life, assisting in making activity and life that much better. To date we’ve helped over 3000 people become healthier, utilizing our state-of-the-art procedure the LapSleeve. You may already know we were the pioneers to bring this procedure to the Pacific Northwest and it is now the most commonly performed weight loss and “metabolic” surgery performed in the world.

It is my privilege and pleasure to participate in our patients’ care, truly the most rewarding and gratifying part of my nearly 30 year career.


Dr. Robert Landerholm,MD, FACS

President and Medical Director


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