Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories

Heidi | Summer 2021

Gastric Sleeve

"If you are considering weight loss surgery, do it now. It will change your life! Do not wait!"

My life prior to surgery was miserable! My entire body ached, all the time. I would go to the doctor and tell them that my entire body hurt, from head to toe and my doctor would ask me to pinpoint it and I’d respond that I just did! Every morning I dreaded getting out of bed and taking that first step.

I have no pictures of significant life events because I would always exclude myself from having my picture taken. I didn’t go places where I couldn’t wear baggy clothes. I didn’t go out in the summer because of my body – I would never wear shorts or even a t-shirt in public. I wore black every day (’black is slimming’, or so I thought) – you would never catch me in white, or any other color other than black.

As far as other weight loss programs went, you name it, I tried it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in about 30 years on fad diets, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, pills, etc.

I would yoyo with my diet: Lose 25 – gain 50. Lose 40 – gain 65. Lose 75 – gain 125. It was a vicious cycle.

The tipping point for me was when my friend got married in November 2020 and I was her Maid of Honor. The dress was size 26! I know that bride’s maid dresses tend to run big but holy hell, size 26? I was so disappointed in how big I looked! I apologized for ruining her wedding photos (I know I didn’t, but that’s how I felt).  

When I finally scheduled my consultation, I felt utterly defeated. At this point, I just wanted to be healthy. At my consultation, Dr. Landerholm informed me all about the procedure, the changes I would need to make both before and after surgery. Once I had satisfied my health and insurance requirements, I was able to schedule my surgery in June 2021. I was excited and nervous!

After my surgery, Dr. Landerholm explained to me that my stomach was one of the biggest he had operated on. Basically I was overeating at every meal. My stomach would only half digest the food and then my brain would tell me that I was hungry again. I would have never lost weight on my own! I was battling a large stomach.

Since my surgery, I have lost 108 lbs. I went from a size 24 to a 10. I am finally healthy! I am in pictures now! I can tie my shoes! I don’t get winded walking to the mailbox.


If you are considering weight loss surgery, do it now. It will change your life! Do not wait!