Hand & Wrist

At Eviva, our Orthopedic team works side by side to provide state-of-the-art care and services to our patients in a timely and comfortable manner.

Whether the discomfort you’re suffering is acute or chronic, Eviva’s hand and wrist specialists offer a wide range of treatment options to relieve pain and discomfort. From nerve damage to fractures to numbness and pain, we custom-tailor a treatment plan that works best for your condition and your preferences.

Eviva’s caring staff strives to give you prompt turnaround between appointments. Our clinic and surgery center is located on the same premises to make treatment as easy as possible.

We offer a comprehensive range of hand and wrist care, including:

  • Arthroscopic and reconstructive wrist surgery
  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Nerve injuries, pain, and numbness
  • Arthritis and soft tissue injuries
  • Trigger fingers, tendinitis, ganglion cysts, and tennis elbow
  • Hand and wrist fractures
  • X-ray, casting, bracing
  • XIAFLEX® and management of Dupuytren’s disease
  • Laceration and tendon injury repair
  • Labor and Industries

Most of our services are covered by insurance. Inquire today.

We are happy to provide information and would love to partner with you on a personalized plan for success. That starts by telling us a little about yourself. You can call us at 844.EVIVAMD (844.384.8263) or fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly. Or chat with us online.

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