Alaska Patients

At Eviva, many of our patients are located in the Puget Sound, however we also have a large number of patients travel from outlying locations such as Alaska. We pride ourselves in coordinating appointments around your busy travel schedules to ensure your surgery and aftercare are as seamless as possible. In some cases, your insurance may cover your transportation and lodging. Call today to speak with one of our highly qualified staff members that can walk you through the process, and assist with lodging and other reservations to make the trip as convenient as possible.

Every patient will go through a different experience and schedule depending on their insurance and surgeon recommendations. In most cases, many of our patients from Alaska will conduct their initial consult over the phone or via tele-medicine, and will meet with one of our many talented Bariatric Pathway Coordinators to determine next steps. Upon scheduling the procedure date, many patients will spend about 5 days in the Puget Sound where one of our surgeons can conduct the pre-operative appointment, procedure, and post-operative checkup before returning home to Alaska. Quite often, the post-operative appointments can be provided by our Therapy Services staff to help ensure you are not only track to meeting your weight loss goals, but also that you are doing so safely.

Call us today to speak with one of our experienced staff members who can customize and tailor a plan to your needs, no matter your location. We pride ourselves in making every effort we can to our patients no matter where they are located.


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