Intentional Movement

Mobility means freedom. Flexibility creates choices. Strength is its own reward. Feeling better in your body is one of the most important measures of success when it comes to Intentional Movement. Working together in a virtuous cycle, intentional movement is the constant companion of behavior and change, and healthy eating.

Your initial contact will be an Eviva exercise physiologist who will ask about your background and exercise experience. Your current lifestyle, habits, and movement preferences will be discussed plus any history of injury or physical limitations that might affect recommendations for your customized program.

Getting started is almost always the steepest climb. Breaking habits and routines in favor of a new approach to exercise may take some adjustment, both mentally and physically. Be good to yourself as you begin to invest yourself in the plan that you set in motion. Remember: momentum takes time.

It feels good to be in better shape, and you made it happen. Long-term health benefits and your overall quality of life will be enhanced by a well-rounded fitness program integrated into your daily rhythm. As you build on success with solid strategies, and the determination to stay on course, we will remain by your side.



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