Doug Williams


“I believe physicians are trained in the science of medicine but spend the rest of our careers perfecting the art of medicine.”

Dr. Williams was born in New York and spent the majority of his childhood in the “Big Apple” and Los Angeles. He moved to the Pacific Northwest for college, returned to the east coast for medical school and then back to the west coast for residency training.

Dr. Williams is family oriented and spends the majority of his free time enjoying the “great outdoors” with his wife and two children.

Dr. Williams’ favorite hobby is studying “martial arts” but he also spends a considerable amount of time reading about “wilderness survival skills”.

“Being a stickler for detail makes giving anesthesia a natural task for me. However, my ability to adjust my care plan for each individual patient is one of my strengths.

I take great pride in knowing that all of my patients have been treated like they are part of my family.”

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