Ozempic (Semaglutide) Weight Loss

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Why should I get semaglutide from Eviva?

  • Eviva has over 15 years of experience offering comprehensive counseling and nutritional support for patients losing significant weight with medication or surgery. We understand how important it is to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, especially when you are losing weight fast. Our experienced team will help you with your personal journey to achieve maximum weight loss and help you sustain it.
  • Eviva has been providing support to medical weight loss patients for years. We have a comprehensive program in place which allows you access to frequent visits with the prescriber and our specialized registered dieticians.
  • Eviva provides more affordable access to semaglutide because we don’t insert ourselves as “the middle man.” We provide our services at affordable prices and have partnered with compounding pharmacies to provide you access to safe and affordable semaglutide without a markup from us. And we accept insurance!
  • Our goal is always to treat patients the way that we would want to be treated. We want to help you to live your healthiest, fullest life.

Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, Oh My!

In the last few years GLP-1 receptor agonists, a newer class of medications originally formulated for the management of type 2 diabetes, have begun to also show promise in promoting weight loss and management of obesity. These medications are semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy), and tirzepatide (Mounjaro).

How Does Ozempic/Wegovy (semaglutide), Mounjaro (tirzepatide) Work?

How do the new weight loss drugs work?

These medications mimic the effects of glucagon-like peptide-1, a hormone produced naturally in the body in response to food intake. Both GLP-1 (the hormone) and GLP-1 RAs (the drug) bind to receptors in the brain, pancreas, and other organs to slow the rate at which your stomach empties food, which reduces appetite and promotes fullness or “satiety”, and by releasing insulin which regulates blood sugar levels.

Individuals using GLP-1 RAs feel less hungry, more satisfied with smaller portions, and consume fewer calories overall. They reduce insulin resistance and improve diabetes by helping the body utilize glucose more effectively. They reduce fat storage and decrease body fat mass, particularly visceral fat which surrounds the organs and is linked to poor health outcomes.

Are you a candidate for Ozempic/Wegovy (semaglutide), Mounjaro (tirzepatide)?

GLP-1 RAs are primarily indicated for type 2 diabetes, though certain drugs (e.g. Wegovy, Saxenda) are indicated for weight management in individuals without diabetes.

It is important to note that these medications should be used under medical supervision, as they may interact with other medications and have potential risks for certain individuals, such as those with a history of pancreatitis or thyroid cancer. Consulting with a healthcare professional is crucial before starting a GLP-1 RA for weight loss.

Eviva’s Semaglutide Program Pricing Information:

If you have coverage with your insurance provider that is great. We are happy to bill your insurance for your visits with our providers. If not, we offer an affordable option.

To start our program the cost is $350. This will include a consultation with the provider, a consultation with one of our registered dieticians, and a 2-week follow-up visit with the prescribing provider. Monthly follow up visits after that are $150/visit with the prescribing provider and $75/visit with or registered dieticians.

*Payments for medications and provider visits are separate. For medications, you will pay the pharmacy directly*

-Medications (self pay):

We work directly with two local compound pharmacies to provide these medications at reduced cost to you. The pharmacy can ship these medications directly to you. Depending on the dose prescribed the monthly cost for these medications ranges from $85 – $310 a month. Paid directly to the pharmacy.

-Medications (insurance):

It is the patient’s responsibility to call their insurance carrier to find out if they have coverage or not before their appt. 

Costs vary depending on many factors, including copays and deductibles. The range with insurance coverage is up to $1200/month or more for these medications. Pharmacy coupons and manufacturer coupons can help lower these costs. If you prefer, we can send your prescription to the compounding pharmacy, which will cost the prices listed above. (They do not accept insurance).

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