Nutrition Therapy

Eviva has partnered with Bariatric Advantage to offer offer our patients with the highest quality supplements.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Nutrition is an important component of weight loss and weight management.  We work with you to create healthy eating habits that you can maintain for many years to come.  In addition to nutrition counseling and therapy, we individualize your care with the assistance of nutritional labs and biometric measurements, to ensure our recommendations are specific to your needs.  Your labs are continually monitored by the team to create your personalized supplementation regimen.  Biometric measurements, such as BOD POD and MedGem, are used to help customize your nutritional plan and support your goals.

Bariatric Surgery Nutrition

Weight loss surgery requires specific nutrition for life-long success.  With over 80 years of combined experience, our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are here to assist you in achieving your personal and weight loss goals.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition can improve performance, energy, endurance, and strength by training with individualized methods of fueling.  Nutrition can make a difference in how you feel, perform, and can also give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

It’s no secret that nutrition is a big part of your training.  Whether you aspire to complete a 5k, participate in competitive sports, compete in endurance events, or are a weekend warrior, proper nutrition is essential to optimize your training and the outcome of your event.

We can create the perfect formula to fuel your workout, rigorous training routine, or competition.  You owe it to yourself to tap into your body’s full potential with the effective combination of training and nutrition.

Diabetes Nutrition

Diabetes affects nearly 26 million Americans.  Another 80 million adults have pre-diabetes or insulin resistance and are likely to develop Type 2 diabetes within 10 years unless steps are taken to decrease this risk.

Nutrition therapy is the cornerstone of diabetes management and prevention.  Losing weight and getting blood sugars as close to normal as possible can help prevent diabetes and reduce the risk of diabetes complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, and blindness.

Our team of bariatricians, registered dietitian nutritionists, and certified diabetes educator will work with you to design an eating plan to help you manage your weight, improve your blood sugar and lipid levels, reduce your risk of complications, and feel better.

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We are the surgeons who pioneered the outpatient LapSleeve® procedure. We have performed this procedure, which is a variation of the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, on over 3000 patients. Our board-certified surgeons, physicians, and dietitians work in concert in a program tailored to your story.

So much has changed with medicine over recent years. Being a “patient” can feel like being a number. At Eviva, we strive to be different, recognizing the uniqueness of every patient, their strengths and various needs. We desire that every patient’s experience meet or exceed their expectations.