Success Stories

Our patients measure their successes not by what they lose,
but by what they gain. Here’s what they had to say.

Medical Weight Loss

“I wanted to take control of the one thing that I could never control before.”

Sunny Larway | Snohomish, WA

“When I hit my thirties, my health started to catch up to my lifetime of carb binges and sugar overloads.” But it was a picture taken at Sunny Larway’s son’s birthday party that was the final straw.

Sunny had had it. “I had been overweight my entire life. I used to feel like I could hide the pain and sadness by wearing clothes that covered me up, rather than actually losing the weight.”

Sunny’s health began to suffer. Her gall bladder had to be removed and she suffered two extremely painful bouts of pancreatitis. “Being overweight made everything harder: getting pregnant, being pregnant, caring for an infant.” She remembered when she hit rock bottom. “I was looking at pictures of me at my son’s first birthday party and I didn’t even recognize myself.  I couldn’t believe I had let myself get to that point. Pictures don’t lie.”

“I wanted to take control of the one thing that I could never control before. I surrendered to the fact that I needed help and made the call to Dr. Welcome, who had been my Ob-Gyn before she left her practice to pursue weight loss medicine.”

Over the next few months, Sunny worked with the Eviva nutrition team to design a custom meal plan. She learned how her body and mind works, which allowed her to stay accountable. “Dr. Welcome and Eviva gave me all the tools I needed to conquer every situation; they gave nothing but positive support every step of the way.” In less than a year, Sunny dropped 104 pounds. “I’ve completed multiple fun runs and even have an appointment with Eviva for some cosmetic work. Calling Eviva has truly changed my life.”

Weight Loss

"I lost 210 pounds!"

Carrie Wilson | Bellingham, WA

When Carrie first came to us, she could only stand for 10-15 minutes at a time. Her weight was impacting every area of her life, and she was ready for a change. She came to Eviva, formerly Puget Sound Bariatrics, and was ready to take the next step. Working hand in hand with our staff, we helped Carrie reach her goals, and fulfill her dreams. As the weight came off, Carrie began to, "Start exercising, and start getting out there". She's gone through three wardrobes, and she plans to go through a couple more!

Surgical Weight Loss

"I have now completed 3 marathons!"

Katie Lundstrom | Lynnwood, WA

Katie’s weight loss journey began 14 years ago. She decided it was time to lose the weight she had been packing on since she was 11. Katie read up on the subject, bought some vitamins and a Tony Little's Gazelle and began her diet. She was very successful! 

Except, she could never finish the journey. Every time Katie lost weight she couldn't reach her goal or maintain what she had lost. Before coming to Eviva, she had lost (and gained) over 500 pounds in the 12 years and she had been trying. She knew emotionally she couldn't do this again. Something had to change. This is when she reached the decision to have weight loss surgery. Since having surgery in June of 2016, we are pleased to announce she has lost 150 pounds. But, what she has gained is even better. Slowly, she is gaining confidence in who she is and who she is meant to be. Katie has become a runner with the last weight loss journey pre-Eviva, but losing the weight she has, and gaining her confidence has made her running journey so much better. She has now completed 3 full marathons with another in the books. She has fallen in love with Kayaking and plans to do more hiking in our beautiful Northwest. Katie’s new body even took her and her nephew to Universal Studios Orlando where they had a BLAST and never had to worry about fitting into a seat! Eviva has given her the life she had wanted for so long.

Bariatric Procedure

“We really felt like they had our backs—like true friends would.”

Scott & Jamie Jensen | Kingston, WA

Scott Jensen struggled with his weight for years. “It seemed every pound made it ten times harder to do anything about it.” But then he realized that he didn’t have to do it alone.

Scott Jensen had more to lose than a few pounds. His list of weight-related illnesses was long: he was prediabetic and suffered from sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). His blood pressure was all over the map. It seemed like too much to surmount. And, as a deputy sheriff, he knew being able to physically perform at a higher level could mean the difference between life and death, both for his coworkers and the public at large.

Scott’s wife, Jamie, had her own struggles. They had both tried “just about every possible way to lose weight”—but to no avail. Finally, they came to Eviva (then Puget Sound Surgical Center). After several months of personalized consultation, Scott and Jamie had their surgeries on the same day. Nine months later, they had lost a combined 190 pounds. “LapSleeve has proven to be the tool missing from our toolbox. The surgery gave us the opportunity to stay on course with diet, exercise, and portion control. And what a great benefit to have the support of the entire staff. We really felt like they had our backs—like true friends would.” Scott was even able to pursue a post-retirement career of personal and executive protection—a dream that wouldn’t have been possible before.

“This is the best thing we could have ever done for ourselves. Physically, emotionally, professionally: we look forward to every day and how to make the most of it. Our only regret? Not doing it sooner.”

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