Body Composition Testing

Eviva offers biometric testing using the BodPod and Medgem to determine body composition and resting metabolic rate. This accurately tracks physiological changes to tailor your dietary needs through weight loss.

BOD POD® Body Composition Tracking System:

BOD POD testing accurately measures your body composition to indicate the percentage of body fat vs. lean body mass. This test is quick and simple with printed results in about 5 minutes.

The BOD POD is the gold standard to measure body composition using air displacement technology to provide the most accurate measurement available. Your test results can be used to assess body composition, track the efficacy of your nutrition and exercise program, and more.

For your BOD POD test, your basic information is entered into the program. You are then provided a swim cap to wear. Two to three measurements (45seconds each) will be taken measuring your air displacement after which you will be given a hand out containing your results. You will meet with an Eviva provider to review your results.

Preparing for your BOD POD Appointment:

Required clothing for accurate test results-

MEN – Form-fitting Speedo® or Lycra® / spandex-type swimsuit, or single-layer compression shorts (without padding).

WOMEN – Form-fitting Speedo® or Lycra® / spandex-type swimsuit, or single-layer compression shorts and a sports bra (without padding or wires).

  • Do not eat or exercise 4 hours prior to your testing
  • Glasses and all jewelry/body piercings are to be removed

MedGem®: Metabolic Testing

The MedGem indirect calorimeter is a clinically validated medical device for measuring resting metabolic rate (RMR). RMR indicates how many calories your body burns while at rest. The results can be used to help create individualized nutrition plans and assist in the diagnosis of metabolic disorders. 

The MedGem determines your resting metabolic rate by measuring oxygen consumption (V02). Knowing and understanding RMR can benefit those wanting to lose weight, maintain weight or enhance athletic performance.

For your MedGem test, you will use a filtered mouthpiece and nose plugto ensure all air is expelled out through your mouth. The filter will be attached to the MedGem device and you will be instructed to breathe normally and to eliminate all talking for the duration of the test. Once the test is complete (5-10 minutes) the results will be indicated on the device display.

Preparing for your MedGem appointment

  • Do not eat or exercise within 4 hours of your appointment
  • No caffeine on the day of your appointment
  • Discontinue appetite suppressant medication a minimum of 24-48 hours prior

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