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Portal Registration & Questionnaire Instructions: 

-It is recommended that you use the portal on a desktop computer, not a smartphone.

-Please DO NOT use the Healow App. The Healow App lacks many features that are available through the web portal. Unfortunately, you may receive emails telling you to download the app which we are unfortunately unable to stop. 

1. Once you become “Web Enabled”, typically after your first appointment is scheduled, you will receive this welcome email from Eviva. Click on the “Set up Portal Account” button. -If you do not see any emails, please check your spam folder.

portal instruction 1

2. Verify that you are the correct patient using either text or voice with your phone numbers we have on record.

portal instruction 3

portal instruction confirm 2 portal instruction confirm 3

3. Once verified, you can log in to your Patient Dashboard!

portal instruction 5

4. Please update any information that may be missing in personal and additional info sections.

portal instruction 6

5. From the Dashboard click “Join Televisit” to launch your questionnaire. This will just launch your questionnaire, it will not start your visit.

portal instruction 7

We hope that this helps you get started with the patient portal. If you have any questions please contact Eviva.

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