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At Eviva we are dedicated to providing a caring and shame-free customer experience. From day of surgery instructions, to payment options, intake forms, and frequently asked questions – we are here to help. If your question is still not answered, please feel free to call and speak directly to one of our staff members at 425.778.2220. Or chat with us online.


Whether you are a patient who has been with us since the beginning of your journey, or someone that is looking to begin yours. No matter where you find yourself, we are here to help. We offer unique group events such as Support Groups, Small Group Training Classes, Seminars, and many other fun and unique events catered to your needs.


Establishing good lifelong habits with daily supplements can be a key part of your weight loss journey.


Learn more about our many seminars that you can come learn more about our bariatric procedures and Medical Weight Loss program in a warm, welcoming, shame-free environment where many of your questions may be answered.

Support Groups

Having surgery is just the first step! Support from others is invaluable to long term success. Our monthly support groups offer an open space for you to share, learn, and meet others who are going through the same life changes as you.

Payment Options

Learn more about our payment options at Eviva. We understand that every patient’s journey is different from the other, and we pride ourselves in providing multiple financing options to achieve your weight loss goals.


Are you interested in working with a team of dedicated team of people? If so, Eviva might be the place for you!

Alaska Patients

Learn more about how Eviva can accommodate patients from Alaska, address insurance information specific to the area, and how our team will help ensure that you not only meet your weight loss goals - but continue to maintain and sustain your new weight loss.

Day of Surgery Information

We understand that the day of any surgery can cause some anxiety and concerns. We provide a detailed outline of all you need to know on the day of your surgery to help make you feel as comfortable as possible with instructions on parking, cancellations, check-in times and many other details.

Post-Operative Instructions

Following your procedure at Eviva, your post-operative success is heavily dependent upon following the proper directions from Eviva.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, chances are that it has been asked before. Learn more about our commonly asked questions surrounding the wide array of services we offer at Eviva.

Intake Forms

To help speed up your intake process, feel free to download and print some of our intake forms.

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