Gastric Bands / Lap Band Maintenance

Although Eviva no longer places Lap Bands, we are still able to care for patients with them, including imaging, adjustments, medical support and removal if needed or desired.
stomach graphic before and after gastric band surgery

About Gastric Bands/ Lap Band

Gastric Bands or the Lap Band was a popular operation in the United States between 2001-2012. After much success with weight loss in Europe and Australia. In 2001 the Lap Band gained FDA approval in the United States. Before the Lap Sleeve was a procedure available to patients Eviva did offer patients the Lap Band as an alternative to the Gastric Bypass.

The Lap Band is an inflatable silicon device (band) placed around the top portion of the stomach. With the use of restriction (the Band) that could control how much a person can eat helping the patient eat less and feel full quicker. Causing a calorie deficit and helping a patient lose weight.

The Band is:

  • safe
  • adjustable
  • reversible


Over the years, patients were successful with weight loss. Patients had to be very mindful while eating, chewing, and stopping when they started to feel full.

There were a certain number of patients show they had complications of their device. The most common complications are:

  •  “A slip” – Herniation of stomach back up through the band
  • Pouch Dilation – The portion of the stomach above the band would stretch.
  • Esophageal Dilation – This would affect how a patient feels and compromise their ability to lose weight.


The rarest complication is “Erosion” of the band into the stomach. This could occur when the band was too tight for too long. The band would begin to grow into and through the stomach wall, much like a wire too tight around the base of a growing tree.

After these complications occur the band will no longer function as desired, and often need to be removed with surgery or a revision procedure to a different procedure. If you have a Lap Band and it hasn’t worked for you, don’t consider that a failure, consider a different procedure, a consultation with a surgeon at Eviva would help determine the best route for you. We have seen great success with these patients and walk them methodically and carefully through the options.

For those who have found success with a Gastric Bands (although we no longer place Lap Bands), we continue to take care for patients with Lap Bands at Eviva. This includes imaging, adjustments and medical support as needed. Patients from far and wide with Bands seek us out. Currently, about 20% of Band patients do well long-term regarding health and weight loss.

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