Day of Surgery

Eviva is committed to providing the most comfortable and safe experience for your upcoming procedure or surgery. Unless directed differently by your provider, follow all guidelines below.

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes water, mints, chewing gum and tobacco. You may brush your teeth the morning of your surgery but please do not swallow any water or toothpaste.
  • Please follow the directions on the Medication Sheet that was given to you at your pre-operative appointment.
  • Ensure all prescribed medications are picked up at your pharmacy prior to your surgery day.
  • Wear no make-up, jewelry, acrylic nails or nail polish the day of your surgery. (Nails can interfere with monitoring equipment.)
  • Dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Bring a case for glasses, contacts and/or dentures. Leave all valuables and jewelry at home (including all rings and body piercings).
  • Notify us immediately if you become ill or develop a fever or if you have any questions before surgery/procedure.
  • You must have a licensed adult driver to bring you to and from your surgery. You will not be discharged unless a licensed adult driver is with you.
  • Check-in Time: If you were not given a check-in time, you will receive a call the week of your surgery/procedure to confirm your check-in time. If you have not received a call by 3pm the day prior to your surgery/procedure – please call us.
  • Please note it is our policy to collect all co-pays and co-insurance estimates before or on the day of your surgery. You will be notified of when payment will be collected.

The Day of Surgery

Please arrive promptly at the time indicated by the Nurse who called you with your surgery check-in time.

Procedure/Surgery Check-in
When you arrive, walk into the main lobby of our Shoreline Medical Center depending on your scheduled surgical location, and check-in with the front desk.

Parking is free. You may park in any area designated for our building. When it is time to leave after surgery, you will leave out of the side exit to your support person’s vehicle.

Pre-Op Area
You will be escorted to our pre-op area once admitted. Your support person may accompany you to the pre-op area.

After Surgery
After surgery, you will rest in our recovery bay. You will be closely monitored by our nursing staff. Once awake and alert, your support person may be called back to help you dress and prepare to depart home or to a nearby hotel if traveling for surgery. If you are staying overnight, your support person or family members can say hello one at a time, once you are awake. Before leaving, you will receive discharge instructions that will include information on how and when to follow up with your physician. Please ask any questions or express any concerns at this time to enable us to be sure you and your family are well informed about your post-operative care and are confident in leaving our facility.

Family & Friends
Friends and family are welcome to wait in the lobby area. Free Wi-Fi is available. There are also restaurants and cafes nearby.

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Contact Form
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