Filling Out the Questionnaire

  1. Sign in to your patient portal. (See Here)
  2. From your dashboard, hover over “Questionnaire” and select “Patient Forms” on the left tab menu.eviva patient portal arrow pointing to questionnaire menu option
  3. From the Questionnaires screen, you will see Eviva’s various consultation questionnaires and Consent Forms.
    patient portal image of questionnaire with red arrows indicating the menu and submit buttons. 

Contact Form

Contact Form
We are the surgeons who pioneered the outpatient LapSleeve® procedure. We have performed this procedure, which is a variation of the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, on over 3000 patients. Our board-certified surgeons, physicians, and dietitians work in concert in a program tailored to your story.

Weight Loss Surgery

Deciding whether to partake in bariatric procedures is a difficult one. You’ve made it this far, and have already begun the process. Learn more about the minimally invasive bariatric procedures options that our board certified surgeons can provide to help you accomplish your weight loss goals.