Hernia Surgery and Repair

Eviva offers consultation and surgical repair for those suffering with hernias.

About Hernia Surgery and Repair

It is generally advisable to repair hernias in a timely fashion, in order to prevent complications such as organ dysfunction, gangrene, and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Most abdominal hernias can be surgically repaired. To learn more about hernias, click on the tabs listed under the ‘Hernia Center’ navigation. If you are ready to schedule your consultation, please call today.

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Surgical Repair Methods

Traditional hernia repair requires the torn abdominal muscles to be pulled together, slightly overlaying one another and then stitched back into place. More common surgeries for hernia repair include the use of mesh sutures to strengthen tissues surrounding the affected area(s), in order to avoid placing extra stress on the already weakened muscles.
Advances in technology and research have led doctors to be able to perform certain surgeries laparoscopically by using small incisions and tiny cameras. This type of procedure may be the best option for those patients with more advanced hernia problems.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Abdominal wall reconstruction could be an option for more extensive types of surgeries used to repair abdominal weakness caused by multiple hernias, open wounds or in some cases obesity. When other procedures have failed to repair the abdominal walls, reconstruction is considered as an option for relief. During the reconstruction surgery, muscles and tissues in the abdominal wall are shifted and redistributed, allowing for the strengthening of the midsection.

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